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With a team of over 80 professionals, you can feel reassured that you will receive high quality and bespoke advice. Below is a snapshot of our key contacts, who have a breadth of experience and knowledge.

Bob Savic

Bob Savic

Tax Consultant
+44 207 788 2316

Bob advises on the cross-border aspects of both Corporate Taxation for businesses and Resident Non-Domicile Tax for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). He has spent over 20 years of his career mainly with the "Big 4" international accounting firms in various jurisdictions across the globe. These include China, Hong Kong, Singapore, other Southeast Asian states, Canada, Australia, Russia and Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the UK. 

Bob's corporate tax work is focused on complex cross-border tax structuring involving multiple jurisdictions from an investor's home state, to intermediary jurisdictions and the investment host state. In each case, Bob undertakes a resolution-based approach in dealing with all multiple barriers to investment involving jurisdictional mismatches, such as various states' legislative lacuna, contradictory and inconsistent tax case law, incoherent and unpublished tax authorities' practice, among numerous other vagaries of taxation commonly faced by corporate investors.

Bob has also spent the last several years with major London and offshore-based accounting firms in servicing the complex needs of HNWIs in supporting their international and UK tax planning and responsibilities. In particular, Bob places significant care in exercising a highly client-intensive approach by working closely with private clients in supporting them with their tax planning and reporting during the process of migration from one country to another.  Additionally, he attributes high-level importance towards forging pivotal alliances with referring intermediaries, including private banks, offshore trustees and lawyers, and other industry players.

Bob has written a number of thought leadership articles for global publications, including 'The Diplomat''Bangkok Post''China's World' and the World Bank website. He is also a regular contributor to Hong Kong's South China Morning Post newspaper