A priority shared by all business owners and entrepreneurs regardless of specialism, sector or size, is taking steps to protect your business for the future. In business and life, everything can change in an instant, and investing in comprehensive business wealth management support is the safest way to ensure that you, your business and your family have access to the guidance you need to overcome any unexpected challenge you may be faced with. 

Undeniably, the position of business owner is fraught with high-stakes decisions, responsibilities and risks. Fortunately, with decades of experience working alongside clients from a vast range of industries, our diverse team of lawyers and advisors have developed a keen understanding of the countless interplaying factors that can influence business owners. From prolonged ill health interrupting business operations, to an unexpected death spurring inheritance queries, the heavy responsibilities of business wealth management are shared, and the stresses eased, through partnership with our firm. 

At Womble Bond Dickinson, our talented business wealth management team work closely with clients to assess the specific circumstances surrounding their case, including their individual fears and concerns, their familial and beneficiary relationships and their current financial position. By employing this unique and personalised strategy, we are able to ensure that every eventuality is considered, accounted, and planned for, giving you complete peace of mind that everything is taken care of. 

Business wealth management services

Designed to remove some of the stresses associated with owning a business, our financial advice for business owners is comprehensive, easy to understand and completely tailored to you, your assets and your future objectives. In order to ensure these promises are delivered, our multidisciplinary team of corporate lawyers, tax and financial advisors and investment managers work together, applying their expertise to create a bespoke strategy from the following business wealth management services:

  • Business-growth and management advice covering a range of corporate services, including business reorganisation, review of governing documents and tax and legal rule change monitoring
  • Offering wealth management for entrepreneurs throughout all stages of structuring, running, reorganising, exiting or passing on one or multiple businesses
  • Forward-thinking financial planning for business owners to devise and enact intelligent strategies regarding tax, investments and more
  • Informed advice regarding all aspects of inheritance tax on a family business, including the creation of asset liquidation strategies to reduce tax liability
  • Assistance reviewing and rewriting wills for business owners to ensure the smooth inheritance of business assets and management responsibilities by the spouse and any other beneficiaries
  • The division of a tailored business exit strategy to ensure all legal responsibilities are accounted for during this time of change.

Whether you’re in the initial stages of setting up your own business and need the assurance that a talented business wealth management firm can provide, or are simply trying to prepare for the future, the team at Womble Bond Dickinson Wealth can help. To discover more about the services we provide, or to set up a meeting to discuss your own needs, simply fill in our easy online contact form, and a member of our team will be in touch.