What keeps you awake at night? If the answer is, “My business and my family!” you are not alone.

We help business owners and entrepreneurs protect their business for future generations and give them peace of mind that their family will be looked after if the worst happens.

Entrepreneurs may need a tax adviser, solicitor, financial adviser and investment manager as well as corporate lawyers. Our colleagues in these specialist areas will come together to create a bespoke team to advise you.

Being at the head of a business can leave your family exposed, should you become incapacitated through ill health, or die unexpectedly. Control of your business does not automatically pass to your spouse. Who would manage the business? Is there a Power of Attorney in place to enable this? Your will may need reviewing, to ensure your spouse and any other beneficiaries inherit as you would wish. Inheritance Tax in relation to business assets is complex, but liquidating assets in the wrong areas can increase tax liability.   

We build a picture of your assets and identify your objectives. Our in-house corporate lawyers can assist with any business reorganisation or review of governing documents. We work with you as your business develops, to keep you abreast of changes in tax and legal rules and to ensure you are well prepared to face the future with confidence.

We work for entrepreneurs at all stages of structuring, running, reorganising, exiting or passing on one or multiple businesses.