None of us likes to think about what might happen if we lose the ability to manage our own affairs due to physical or mental incapacity. But we should do so as the impact on our family, friends and business can be devastating if the right arrangements are not in place.

End of life care can illicit strong emotions, but  for those that have not made their wishes clear there is significant potential for disagreements between family members, and with medical professionals, during what is an already an emotional and hugely stressful time.

Our friendly and very experienced Vulnerable Client Services team can provide invaluable support when required, providing highly personalised and pragmatic advice ranging from putting in place key documents ahead of time, to the complete management of an individual's affairs if they suffer a loss of capacity. From investment management to day-to-day payment of bills, we cover all this and everything in between. We can also help to resolve disputes that may happen when a family member becomes more vulnerable or loses capacity, which is sadly becoming an increasingly common problem. 

At Womble Bond Dickinson Wealth, we pride ourselves on being honest and transparent and will always up front with you about how we charge for the work.

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