We aim to safeguard you, your family and your business from the unexpected. We begin by understanding your circumstances, which helps us assess the risks that might be faced.

We can help you to decide the right level of protection for your family, your income or your business and recommend policies that are cost effective.

We all dread to think about worst case scenarios, but planning for them makes a huge difference should they come to pass. For instance, if you were to die or be unable to work, would your family be able to afford the mortgage repayments or would they have to move home? Could school or university fees be continued? If you or a family member suffered from a critical illness or disability, could you afford the medical care required? And if you or one of your key staff members was unable to work, how would your business be affected? If one of the shareholders was to die, do you have arrangements in place to make sure their shares go to the right people?

We will help you to consider every scenario and then put a sensible amount of life assurance, critical illness cover or business protection in place, to give you peace of mind.   

We work with individuals, families and the owners of businesses of all sizes.