At Womble Bond Dickinson, our leading inheritance lawyers understand that, due to the complex and often emotional nature of inheritance and trusts, disputes are to be expected. An additional difficulty which can arise between beneficiaries and trustees or family members, our will dispute solicitors are here to provide proactive and cost-effective advice to all clients. 

Responding to or filing an inheritance dispute can prove to be an incredibly challenging situation. Whether you’re coming to terms with the loss of a loved one and need assistance disputing wills, or are struggling to navigate disputes relating to lack of mental capacity, our inheritance dispute solicitors will handle situations with care and sensitivity.

Working with the understanding that each case is unique, our team is here to protect your rights as a beneficiary or trustee during what can be an emotionally taxing time. Trusts can be effective tools for protecting assets and a way to provide for your loved ones in a tax-efficient manner, however, they can result in complexities surrounding contentious probate, disputing wills and breach of trust. With our depth of experience and specialist-knowledge, we are able to provide unique dispute advice for a range of clients including:

  • Families and individuals
  • Professional and corporate trustees
  • High net worth individuals
  • Financial institutions 
  • Insurers and other professional intermediaries such as accountants and other solicitors 
  • Farmers and landowners.

Inheritance and Trust Dispute Services

We understand that inheritance and trust disputes are unique to each individual and are here to tailor our legal services to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that clear, effective communication is kept throughout whilst providing the following services:

  • Helping navigate mismanagement by executors and disagreements between beneficiaries 
  • Advising clients on negligence or breach of trust 
  • Helping create relevant processes in the instance of wanting to remove a trustee
  • Guiding clients through querying the value of assets left in wills
  • Advising on making claims against a trustee for money owed
  • Advising on potential fraud exposure
  • Help clients in need of obtaining probate 
  • Understanding trust documents that are vague or unclear 
  • Advising beneficiaries on the mismanagement of trusts
  • Aiding clients in the management of complex legal procedures to ensure inheritance is distributed in accordance with laws
  • Advising beneficiaries on tax regulations and possible tax exemptions

If you’re in need of legal guidance surrounding inheritance and trust disputes, get in touch with our inheritance solicitors and browse our professional staff today to find out how we can help you.