An area of private wealth which has long been dominated by internal tax laws, US/UK tax treaties and overlapping exemptions, there are a wide range of complex issues that can arise when dealing with financial and material assets on both sides of the Atlantic.

Acting as specialist UK/US tax advisors, the team at Womble Bond Dickinson are here to guide clients through all such matters, helping them to retain wealth, manage assets and prepare for the future with confidence.

Designed to provide individuals, families and businesses with the support they need to manage their connections across the UK and US, our US/UK tax advice service seeks to untangle the knots that often occur when tax rules from each jurisdiction interact. This requires specialist, transatlantic knowledge of all relevant legislation, something which our talented team of international tax advisors have developed over decades of experience in this field. 

Offering fully-tailored US/UK tax advice, our lawyers and consultants not only have a deep understanding of transatlantic financial workings, but also take extra steps to understand the specific needs of each client. Years of hands-on experience have taught us that, despite the rigidity of US expat tax laws, transactional restrictions and the double taxation treaty between the US and UK, clients often require fluidity within any devised plans and structures. This ensures any transatlantic tax advice shared can be adapted to align with changing personal, regulatory and fiscal requirements.

US/UK tax advice services

Dedicated to providing invaluable guidance to individuals, families and companies with transatlantic interests who are living in the UK, our US/UK tax advisors specialise in a range of matters and can be called upon to offer the following services:

  • US/UK tax planning and intelligent wealth structuring to avoid unexpected tax charges
  • Preparing and submitting US/UK tax returns on behalf of UK investors and advising on the best ways of paying tax on US shares from the UK
  • Transatlantic estate planning, including assistance with drafting wills and trusts management and usage for both US and non-US trusts
  • Managing all aspects of transatlantic transfers, including gifting, philanthropic endeavours and charitable gifting
  • Advising on US/UK asset management, including investments and shares in UK/US residential, sporting and commercial property
  • Providing guidance on the use of other structures such as foundations, companies and partnerships whether domestic, or non-resident.

US expat tax services

Capable of resolving complex issues and completing regular administrative tasks for US expatriates, our team of expat tax professionals works with US citizens living and working in the UK, as well as those preparing for the move, to remove the stress from their financial and tax obligations. In order to deliver the best possible service, our network of international tax advisors work alongside your existing overseas advisers to achieve your desired outcomes. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Devising tax strategies in line with the US/UK double tax treaty to ensure maximum wealth retainment
  • Providing annual assistance with US/UK tax returns, including performing preparation and submission tasks
  • Advising on any issues that may arise during the visa application process with help from our dedicated immigration team 
  • Sharing general US tax advice for UK residents to ensure expatriate remain compliant to rules in both countries.

Whether your family has personal, financial or business connections with the US, are a UK-based charity accepting donations from the US or are an expatriate living in the UK, our multi-disciplinary team of UK/US tax advisors and lawyers can help you. To learn more about the services offered at Womble Bond Dickinson, simply get in touch online or contact Will Ford and James Radcliffe in the UK and David B. Hamilton and Kimberley H. Stogner in the US. 

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