If you and your family have both UK and US connections, our transatlantic team can guide you through the complex issues arising as a result of the interaction between the UK and US tax rules.

We help UK/US families subject to both UK and US taxation structure their wealth to avoid unexpected tax charges and double taxation.

We advise on:

  • UK/US tax planning
  • US expatriation
  • Wills, trust and estate planning for individuals with UK/US connections
  • Use of US and non-US trusts
  • Use of other structures such as foundations, companies and partnerships whether domestic, or non-resident
  • Investment in UK/US residential, sporting and commercial property
  • Transatlantic philanthropy and charitable giving.

We work alongside your existing overseas advisers and our network of overseas professionals to achieve the best overall outcome for you taking into account the nature, value and location of your assets. We understand the need to keep plans and structures flexible to adapt to personal, regulatory and fiscal changes.

For further help or information, please contact Will Ford and James Radcliffe in the UK and David B. Hamilton and Kimberley H. Stogner in the US. 

For more information about our services for international wealth planning, please click here.