At Womble Bond Dickinson, our multifaceted team of inheritance tax solicitors and specialists provide comprehensive and effective advice to clients in the UK and abroad.

Supported by specialist legal and tax colleagues across the firm, our thoroughly-researched strategies and guidance offer an invaluable sense of calm confidence when facing the future.

An undeniably sensitive matter, we understand that it is difficult to look ahead to a time when you will not be here. Taking steps to prepare for that day can be daunting, but the task of accurately calculating inheritance tax and utilising proven avoidance strategies can provide a considerable monetary benefit to the loved ones you leave behind. Without taking these forward-thinking measures, those who exist outside of the government’s complex inheritance tax limits are liable to pay hefty sums. 

Seek help from an inheritance tax specialist

A mess of overlapping complexities, exemptions, limits and reliefs, successfully navigating the confusing world of inheritance tax planning is a difficult feat to perform alone. Fortunately, with the expert assistance of Womble Bond Dickinson’s skilled team of inheritance tax advisors, intelligent maps are drawn to guide you through the chaos. Clients can also be assured that every element of their strategy is entirely personal, tailored to the specific needs of their estate and family circumstances, allowing them to pass on as much to their loved ones as possible.

Most of those who access the specialist services of our inheritance tax lawyers are unaware of the many legitimate ways capable of mitigating tax liability on their estate. Drawing on extensive experience and intricate knowledge of tax law, your personal advisor will devise an intelligent strategy to ensure that any and all pathways to avoiding inheritance tax are taken. In instances where complete inheritance tax avoidance is not possible, mitigation techniques will be deployed to ensure your family receive the absolute maximum of their inheritance.

Inheritance tax planning services

Taking an extensive, three-pronged approach to ensure complete compliance, our IHT planning services cover the primary essentials of any intelligent strategy: legal planning, tax planning and investment planning. Weaved throughout these base building blocks of a solid strategy, our inheritance tax solicitors use their expertise to balance your personal requirements for income during your lifetime against preparing for the future.

In providing comprehensive inheritance tax planning, our lawyers consider the following:

  • The accurate calculation of personal tax requirements, with consideration paid to inheritance tax exemptions and thresholds
  • The discovery and enactment of inheritance tax relief strategies, including the preparation of discounted gift trusts, enterprise investment schemes and trust funds
  • Comprehensive research on inheritance tax on pensions, culminating in the provision of risk-guided advice on matters such as pension transfers 
  • The delivery of advice regarding inheritance tax on the family home to guide clients through the residence nil rate band rules
  • Wider advice and planning surrounding inheritance tax on property laws to protect assets in the future
  • The consideration of additional exemptions relating to specific situations, such as business property relief for owners and investors, and the agricultural property relief applicable to investment tax on farm cases.

Regardless of personal circumstances, we have found in our many years of experience that the desire to ensure your wealth is protected and passed on to family and friends is a priority shared by all. If you’re concerned about the future of your estate, it’s time to consider inheritance tax planning. 

Whether you are protecting a family home and a modest investment portfolio, or you are a high-net-worth individual with multiple assets, ensure your family’s security by seeking the advice of our inheritance tax lawyers today. To be put in contact with the member of our team most suited to your needs, contact us using our get in touch page.