We work closely with our specialist legal and tax colleagues, which gives us the unique ability to provide comprehensive and effective inheritance tax advice.

Our three-pronged approach includes legal planning, tax planning and investment planning.

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ll want to pass your wealth on to your family and friends when you no longer need it, rather than to the taxman. It is difficult to think about a time when you will not be here, but taking steps to reduce Inheritance Tax now can provide tremendous benefits to your loved ones in the future. Most clients are not aware of the many legitimate ways to mitigate tax liability on their estate. You’ll work closely with our specialists to produce a solid Inheritance Tax plan, tailored to your own family’s circumstances. 

We have particular expertise in balancing your requirements for income during your lifetime against preparing for the future. We are experts in preparing discounted gift trusts, enterprise investment schemes and researching inheritance tax efficient investments. We may assess your pensions for succession planning together, provide investment advice for trust funds and look at investing funds for children and grandchildren.

Most of our private wealth clients ought to consider inheritance tax planning. Whether you are protecting a family home and a modest investment portfolio or you are a high net worth individual with multiple assets, your family will be much more secure if you seek advice now.