Womble Bond Dickinson’s success is rooted in our dedication to serving generations of families across a myriad of sensitive legal issues.

Beneficiaries have placed their trust in our probate solicitors to support them in navigating the intricacies of probate law during a highly emotional time. Managing the affairs of a loved one that has passed away is a difficult process for families to go through which is why our probate lawyers are here to help.

With knowledge across many sectors, including private wealth management and real estate law, our lawyers are on-hand to help clients through the process of proving the validity of wills and drafting the legal documents needed to access any assets left behind. We understand the complexities of gaining grant of probate and how managing residuary estates, money and possessions can be difficult, especially if there are family disputes involved, that’s why our probate solicitors are here to offer comprehensive advice and solutions to all clients.

How our Probate Solicitors can help you

When navigating the complexities of probate, our solicitors must account for a number of factors that will contribute to the desired outcome of those affected, including;

  • The size of the estate and the nature of assets
  • If any beneficiaries qualify for tax reliefs or exemptions
  • Whether the estate comprises business or agricultural assets with tax reliefs 
  • Advising on inheritance tax and any foreign assets or trusts.

Our team of specialist probate lawyers have experience across a variety of sectors, allowing them to bring comprehensive knowledge of wills, trusts, and estate disputes, as well as in-depth knowledge of current tax regulations that could affect inheritance tax. Our skilled solicitors make it their priority to find the best ways to mitigate tax liabilities and identify prime opportunities for you and your family to get the most out of what you are entitled to.

Probate Services we offer to clients

At a pace comfortable for you and your family, we guarantee to bring a respectful and reassuring presence whilst working together to come up with probate solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a beneficiary wanting to know more about the deed of variation process or you’re in need of legal guidance surrounding contentious probate disputes, our team of professional lawyers are here to help guide you through all matters of will and estate entitlement, including:

  • Helping clients to effectively manage any trusts that were left in the will
  • Advising in the investigation and valuing of estates
  • Help in applying for a Grant of Probate
  • Aiding with the process of income and inheritance tax returns 
  • Help with paying creditors or any tax that has been left
  • Advising clients on the best ways to sell or transfer the ownership of properties
  • Navigating the best ways to distribute funds and assets according to the will.

If you have any further questions on how our probate solicitors can help you, contact us.