Generations of families have placed their trust in us to assist in this sensitive area. It’s likely you will be faced with this complex area at a time of emotional distress.

We bring a calm and reassuring presence and will work respectfully at your preferred pace.

Together, we will consider a variety of factors: the size of the estate and the nature and extent of assets; if any beneficiaries qualify for tax reliefs or exemptions; whether the estate comprises business or agricultural assets with tax reliefs (and if there is urgency related to any business interests); whether inheritance tax is payable; whether there are foreign assets or related trusts; whether the deceased has made lifetime gifts, alongside considerations about family relationships and sensitivities.

Our team includes reassuringly experienced and specialist probate lawyers and accountants. If needs be, we can bring in those skilled in the resolution of estate disputes. We are highly adept and experienced in the practicalities of obtaining Grants of Representation, dealing with HM Revenue & Customs about inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax and advising on the distribution of the estate. Our team will also look for ways to mitigate any tax liabilities and will identify and advise on any tax planning opportunities for you and your family.

We administer estates ranging in size and complexity from small, non-taxable estates to those worth in excess of £100m, comprising a variety of assets both in the UK and abroad.

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