Holding a range of asset and investment types in your portfolio manages risk, but with this comes a mountain of paperwork and complex tax records.

Our nominee and administration services can help by receiving and storing certificates and notifications securely on your behalf, and presenting accurate tax records to your accountant.

We can also carry out research to assist with investment decisions based on your capital gains tax or income tax position and work with your stockbroker or financial adviser.

Do you have the time to review, sort, store and react to the paperwork that accompanies a diverse portfolio? You may be frustrated by the difficulty in reacting quickly to a shift in the markets. We can make life easier. You can ask us simply to take away all the administration of your existing portfolio – from logging dividends to filing proxy forms. Or you can use our nominee company to register your investments so that we can buy and sell on your behalf, without the need to obtain signatures each time, making transactions much quicker.

We work as one team with experts on taxation and estate planning, financial and legal professionals. We’re used to liaising with clients’ existing professional advisers and can help you in assessing their performance and keeping things under review. All your investment activity is collated by us into a single ‘tax pack’ for your accountant each year.  

Our clients include individuals, those managing large estates, trusts and charities.